The Brothel's Janitor

An exceptional story about the opportunities life gives us and what we can make of them

There was no worse job in town than being the doorman of a brothel. But what else could this man do? The fact is that he had never learned to read or write; he had no alternatives.

One day, a creative and enterprising young man full of innovative ideas on how to improve processes came in as manager of the brothel. He immediately modernized the place. He made changes and called the employees to give the, their new instructions. He instructed the doorman: -From today, you, in addition to being at the entrance, will prepare a weekly report where you will record the number of people who enter and their comments and complaints about the services. “I'd love to do that, sir,” he stammered. – “But I can't read or write”, said the anguished doorman. “Ah! I'm so sorry! If that is so, you can no longer work here.” – “But sir, you can't fire me, I've worked on this my whole life, I don't know how to do anything else.” – “Look, I understand, but I can't do anything for you.” Retorted the young manager. “We will give you a good severance package and I hope you find something to do. Good luck”.

With that said, he turned around and left. The janitor felt as if the world was collapsing around him. What to do next? He remembered that in the brothel, when a chair or table broke, he fixed them with care. He thought this might be a good occupation to get a job. But he only had a few rusty nails and a poorly maintained pliers. He used the severance money to buy a complete toolbox. In the town there was no hardware store, so he traveled for two days by mule to go to the nearest town to buy the toolbox.