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I am passionate about people and their human potential.

My goal is taking people and organizations to be the best version of themselves so they can take themselves and their business from good to great

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Claudia S. Herrmann was born in Mexico City and is licensed throughout Mexico to practice law. She specializes in corporate, intellectual property, franchising, and distribution law, assisting her clients in business transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

She moved to Texas in 2001 and got certified as a coach by Wainwright Global. Since then, she advises clients on how to internationalize their business and sell their products and services internationally, provides business-related consulting services, and coaches business owners to start and grow their business. She runs a commercial real estate business, as well as a transferceutical, health and body care products distribution business. 

She is passionate about assisting women, especially minorities and immigrants to start and grow their own business to become financially independent. Since 2012, she has organized and provided financial and business education classes, workshops, and seminars to over 9,000 individuals in different venues, among other activities. She has overseen the creation of over 150 new minority and women-owned businesses in Texas and provided business coaching and assistance to over 500 individuals and startups. She is the hostess of business and personal growth-focused radio show which transmits on Facebook Live, and in 2016 she launched a virtual magazine to showcase Latina businesswomen. She is also a huge advocate of Latin American culture, and from 2010 to 2018 she organized innovative cultural events in North Texas highlighting indigenous culture. 

She is a continuous business and motivational speaker at conferences, seminars, courses, and workshops.

Claudia is the founder &President of the Asociación de Mujeres Empresarias y Profesionales (AMEP) and of USA AMEP Foundation, non-profit organizations formed to promote Hispanic business and professional women, and to provide educational tools to Latina women who wish to start their own business, grow their existing business or simply wanting to achieve personal growth.


She is a former columnist of the Al Día Newspaper – the Spanish version of the Dallas Morning News and of the El Hispano News newspaper, where she had a column titled “En Perspectiva” (“In Perspective”).

Being passionate about people, she believes that a main component of thriving is giving back and making a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

After 11 years as a business owner and 25+ years as a corporate lawyer, business coach and consultant, and after having navigated through many challenges, overcoming obstacles, and moving to success, she knows what it takes to help other business owners succeed with their goals, adapt and pivot to evolve and grow.

She loves seeing business owners run a profitable business, thriving by doing what they are passionate about, and making a real difference in their families and their clients’ lives and in your community.

She lives with her husband and her seven feline zen masters and teachers, who inspire her coaching and training programs. 

​As professional coaches, marketing, web, and business consultants, we believe in creating partnerships with a purpose, always striving for significant outcomes.

Our powerful team consists of top-notch experts in marketing, web solutions including cybersecurity, public relations, customer service enhancement, security solutions and corporate training.

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