Why changing is hard and how you can master it

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Changing requires action. Here are some valuable tips on how to achieve the change you want to see in your life.

Claudia S. Herrmann

CHF Consulting Group, LLC

December 2020

How many times have we wanted or needed to change certain things in our lives, but we just put them off until “mañana”? We know what to do. We are constantly bombarded with information about all imaginable topics: self-help, motivation, success, mindfulness, healthy lifestyle, exercise, meditation, performance, and the list goes on and on. Whether we read it through a news feed or if we watch videos, listen to audio blogs or audio books, we are well equipped with all the information we need to adapt, to pivot and change things, for instance, when the unforeseen like the Covid-19 pandemic hits us out of nowhere and forces us to radically change our lifestyle. Some people embrace change and thrive when presented with challenges and the opportunities to do something different. Usually, these people are super achievers and extraordinarily successful. Others have a challenging time adjusting. Others are professional procrastinators. I count myself among them, so I need extra incentives to take action.