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Supply Chain Security ensures that our
client's products can be safely transported
within domestic and international markets in
a continuous manner. 


Our investigators conduct risk assessments of your company's supply chain in order to identify any weak points and address them in a
quick and effective way.


After we identify any weak points, we show you and your decision-makers how to improve your security practices involving manpower or technology and
assist you in formulating a plan that will be
economically feasible and strategically


Our highly trained professional security guards can recognize the danger level in diverse scenarios and swiftly react with the appropriate response.


Our Executive Protective Officers are screened, selected and trained based upon their ability to make critical decisions when time is of the essence.

Our customized protection plans are based on our decades of experience when you need to protect you/your corporate executives.

Our highly trained and experienced
Executive Protection Officers provide
personal protection at the highest level to keep you/your executives safe and comfortable while traveling and conducting business within the confines of a city or from country to country.


We can provide safe transportation through armored vehicles, active GPS, geofences, and other security measures.

Security Guard


Our team of seasoned investigators
conducts due diligence and background investigations, records checks, as well as discrete surveillance operations in the U.S., Mexico and most of Central and South America.

Also, our team of veteran investigators conducts
thorough internal investigations of small or
large corporations to uncover illegal or
unethical activities such as theft and
embezzlement committed by management,
employees, or company contractors.


If your organization is at risk, it will need to be proactive instead of reactive and require a formal risk assessment process to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Anticipating potential security risks and addressing the potential adverse impacts can save your business from any operational losses.

We have a highly trained and trustworthy
team of investigators that you can count on
to conduct risk assessments and other
investigations while obtaining the information
your company needs quickly, professionally,
and discretely.



Our training focuses on protecting a principal from harm.

We teach both basic and advanced skills necessary to conduct protective services, working as individuals as well as members of a team.

We offer expert Executive Protection Training to certified officers from local and state agencies as well as private corporations, in addition to small arms training.

Tell us about your security / training needs and we'll work with your requirements and your budget

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